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Trust X Alliance Success Stories

Within the Trust X Alliance, success is often rooted in partnerships between alliance members. Those partnerships are exponentially more effective because of the collective resources and expertise of the solution providers involved. Partners bring together extensive experience around technology with shared best practices that help Trust X Alliance members deliver innovative solutions to their end-user customers, helping them realize the promise of technology in their individual business endeavors.

Success Story #1

A Maryland-based Trust X Alliance member had an environment refresh opportunity with a customer who manufactures textile goods. The customer needed to decommission their old 2003 servers and as a result decided to build a completely new server environment for their Phoenix; Statesville, N.C.; and Baltimore (corporate) locations. This included an upgrade of several systems by different manufacturers. The Trust X Alliance member had the resources to handle the project except for one specific upgrade. In order to deliver the entire solution, this member teamed up with a trusted Virginia-based member who had the capabilities to perform the upgrade.

The members worked side by side to ensure the customer would have a fully functional and operating system with almost no interruptions to the flow of their business.

Success Story #2

A Toronto-based Trust X Alliance member had a long-time customer looking to restructure and expand their warehouse operations in Pennsylvania. The member immediately turned to her fellow Trust X Alliance partners to locate a member in that region.

She was able to connect with a Pennsylvania-based member who provided:

  • Current and planned environment wireless assessment, including expert recommendations for new installations and modifications to existing wireless infrastructure
  • Proof of concept to demonstrate the positive impact of recommendations to performance
  • Cabling and wireless installation, complete with testing and documentation

The Pennsylvania-based member simply acted as an extension of the Toronto-based members’ team, giving the customer peace of mind knowing that their trusted IT solution provider would get the job done.